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Woodworking – KVH/DUO/TRIO laminated beams

Wood is the construction material of the future and, as such, is becoming increasingly important.

Building with massive wood elements represents a sustainable and at the same time cost-efficient ​way of realising large-scale facilities, public buildings and commercial buildings. 


(Konstruktionsvollholz) is sawn construction timber ma​de from softwood, typically sp​​ruce (pine on request), for use in modern timber construction. KVH is characterized by defined load-bearing capacities and is produced and stocked in standard cross sections to cover all the requirements of modern timber frame construction.

Duo/Trio laminated beams

are industrially manufactured products ​made of ei​ther two or three planks or pieces of timber glued together by their flat side with the fibers running parallel. The classic character of the beam and appearance of solid wood are well preserved. They have excellent characteristics as a building material for exposed ceiling beams and rafters.